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Thank you for visiting Music History Materials an online tool designed to help teachers, students, and aficionados locate diverse sources for teaching and learning about musics and musicians. Upon completion, a people-centric searchable database, phase two of the project currently in progress, will allow users to search for and find digital and print materials in archives, course syllabi, podcasts, prose, score, and sound anthologies, scholarship, textbooks, and websites.

Intended to create a community for a free exchange of ideas, Music History Materials is intended to be diverse, fluid, and inclusive, and will be amplified and enhanced by contributions from ethno/musicologists, music theorists, specialists, and non-specialists at all career stages from all over the globe. Not intended to be exhaustive or complete, Music History Materials attempts to include but not promote one source over any other.

Collaborate and Collaborators

For more information or to collaborate on the project supported in part by the University of Cincinnati Office of Research, please email Kristy Swift at

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